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Reiver FM was first setup in 2003, It's been a long running 'Internet Only' Radio Station, Playing the Best In Music from the 70's, 80's, 90's & Today! A feelgood Station to make Everyone Happy ;)

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In addition to our wonderfully entertaining radio shows and broadcasting of top hits, at Reiver FM we work hard to keep our listeners informed about all the latest news, weather and updates in entertainment as well as the radio world. Tuning in to our station will help you stay informed and so will our updates.

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With broadcasting at all hours of the day and every day throughout the year, there’s tons of radio shows to choose from on Reiver FM. Since 2003, we’ve been providing unparalleled radio entertainment to all listeners LIVE from the Scottish Borders to the WORLD!

Zanders Pop Hour

This show is the perfect opportunity for listeners to simply chill out, wind down and enjoy the Best Music from the 70's 80's & 90's along with some Topical Chat. Whether you’re into music or talk shows, Zanders Pop Hour provides listeners with an opportunity to enjoy original, high-quality content every single day. Tune in and discover why listeners refuse to miss Pop Hour.

The Soul Train 

This is one of the oldest and most popular shows on our station. Tune in to discover new hits and enjoy the classics of the genre. Whether you’re learning a new fun fact from one of our hosts or jamming to a one-hit wonder, there’s always something new to discover when you listen to The Soul Train with on Reiver FM.

Kids Hour with Chloe & Sophie Bell

Tune in every night at 7pm sharp with Chloe & Sophie to begin enjoying rich and original content provided by Reiver FM through their Popular show aimed at the Younger generation from Kids to Teens. Learn more about the wildly popular show that’s keeping listeners around the World engaged with the richest radio content you’ll find for miles.

Non Stop Music Though The Night

The Very Best in Non Stop Hits whilst our Presenters catch up on some sleep :) Until their next show on Reiver FM.

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